Electrician working on an electrical output control panel at a small business.

  • Powering Your Indoor Growing Facility

    Powering Your Indoor Growing Facility

    You’ve found an old warehouse ideal for growing. It has water, a loading dock, a pool of potential employees, not far from retail customers, a sweetheart deal from the building owner, and local SMB tax credits to boot! With a little luck from contractors and building inspectors, you could be harvesting within a year.  How […]

  • The ROI of LED

    The ROI of LED

    The key to profitability is driving out cost. This mantra is critical to any manufacturing facility regardless of what it produces. Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a classic example of leveraging scale and smart infrastructure to enjoy good profitability. The cannabis market is feeling extreme profit crunch, particularly in mature markets, making operational efficiency the […]

  • More to Lighting than Lights

    More to Lighting than Lights

    Human lighting serves a very different purpose than plant lighting. Humans use light to see. Plants use light to exist as it’s the most critical component to photosynthesis. Sunlight starts a chain reaction in plants that creates carbohydrates (sugars) that eventually become apples, tomatoes, lettuce, and more. Perhaps there’s a reason “Let there be light” […]

  • Ultra Yield Solutions Simplifies LED Grow Lighting Procurement

    Ultra Yield Solutions Simplifies LED Grow Lighting Procurement

    Mamaroneck, NY, January 25, 2022 – Ultra Yield Solutions (UYS) simplifies the procurement process of horticultural LED grow lighting and energy related technologies. Simplification is especially important for today’s commercial indoor growers who have lots to focus on. Growers cannot devote the attention needed to isolate their critical lighting and ancillary PAR equipment needs. With […]

  • Looking Back

    Looking Back

    While 2021 was troublesome for many sectors, cannabis was not one of them. New legal states, facility expansion, acquisition, legislation, mergers, money. The flow of activity in the U.S. was rampant featuring 209 deals totaling over $10 Billion – more than occurred in 2019 and 2020 combined (source:  MjBizDaily.com)!    That said, growth slowed in many states. California, the […]

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