New lighting and energy solutions business model for                                             horticulture.

ULTRA  YIELD SOLUTIONS works on behalf of the grower to identify, evaluate,  specify, acquire, finance, install and maintain lighting solutions for  all horticultural applications. 

UYS services include

Determining optimized lighting conditions for growth

Creating lighting layouts  

Defining lighting product specifications 

Managing bid process with qualified vendors

Validating product performance

Negotiating Performance Warranty 

Negotiating purchase

Lighting installation and commissioning

Lighting performance monitoring

Lighting maintenance

UYS can also bring in partners for:

 DC low voltage Power Distribution and MicroGrid Solar and Storage Solutions 

Product financing 

Energy procurement  

Dispensary design

Managing the utility rebate process

Who we are.

Christopher Brown 

Christopher Brown was CEO of Wiedenbach-Brown, a national full-service lighting and electrical solutions provider with hundreds of clients, and relationships with more than 300 different lighting manufacturers.

A former member of the Executive Committee of NAESCO (The National Association of Energy Service Companies), he was also the Chairman of the Energy Committee of the New York City Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) for 15 years. As a Board Member of the Abe’s Garden Alzheimer’s Foundation, he has led the effort to identify the impacts of various lighting strategies on dementia patients.

Chris is passionate about interpreting the technology and business model changes currently challenging the lighting industry. He expects to remain passionate about light, lighting and the lighting industry for years to come, as he continues to imagine the future of lighting with his concepts of Illumigeddon and Illumitunity,

Doug Brown

Doug Brown has had a long career of importing/exporting, adventure and remote travel guiding, founder/owner of Retail and Art Gallery businesses, business/marketing consulting, as well as being a professional fly fishing guide. 

An interest in medical cannabis and CBD led to investment in the burgeoning cannabis industry and the lighting portion of the process – based on the family history in the lighting business. From cannabis to vertical farming and connections to solar and battery advancements, to recycling and sustainability issues, energy procurement and managing the utility rebate process, we have attracted others at the top of differing fields, leading to the formation of Ultra Yield Solutions.

Dr. Morgan Pattison

Dr. Morgan Pattison is a recognized expert in LED technology. Morgan knows how to connect the requirements of the lighting application with the new capabilities offered by LED lighting technology. Morgan has worked with buyers to cut through product claims and select the best LED product for the application and has experience with horticultural lighting, speaking at several horticultural lighting conferences to describe how the capabilities of LED lighting can be best applied to horticultural lighting applications.

Chrissie Thompson

Chrissie Thompson comes to UYS with 20+ years of business and IT consulting to many Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries. Her successful history as a senior IT consultant to clients such as Microsoft, Pentax Medical and Lucent Technologies lends itself well to her role as the Director of Operations for Ultra Yield Solutions.