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UYS combines the sophistication of LED technology and the efficiency of energy management solutions to power more growth at less cost.

About Us

UYS is the premier horticulture lighting distributor focusing on LED lighting technology and energy management solutions helping facilities optimize crop yield, reduce cost, and meet sustainability goals.

UYS offers a fully-integrated solution to help meet your lighting and energy management needs from product selection to financing to installation and more! Our distribution model and bottom-line approach helps you realize significant ROI backed by experts who focus on horticulture.

Let us show you how!

Why Ultra Yield Solutions?

Unlike other lighting experts, we speak grower. Technology and specifications mean very little to plants. UYS understands photosynthesis at a molecular level and how today’s LED technology can maximize it. That’s exactly what you need in a partner.

We Are Your Partner

Different crops and facility types need different solutions. That’s why we’re a distributor for many brands and solutions able to meet the product form, photonic delivery, and pricing requirements you need to maximize yield.

We Bring Expertise

You need a partner you can trust who knows about the problems you face every day—things affecting crop yield, disease and pest infestation, as well as plant physiology. We speak grower and can connect you to exactly what you need.

We Can Finance You

Funding can be tricky and expensive when venture capital is unavailable. UYS has partnered with select institutions to fund LED swap-outs to deliver an all-in monthly cost that’s often below what you’re currently paying for HPS.

We Care

Indoor farming is changing how the world is fed. But it only works when sustainability is profitable. Our solutions not only reduce your energy bills, they also reduce your carbon footprint while boosting your bottom line.

Read Why We’re the Experts

It’s more than PPFD, DLI, and spectrum. It’s a delicate and integrated bio system where the smallest variance can lead to massive changes in yield. Check out our blogs and other recent news to stay informed.

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    Powering Your Indoor Growing Facility

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  • The ROI of LED

    The ROI of LED

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  • More to Lighting than Lights

    More to Lighting than Lights

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FAQs Block

Won’t swapping over from HPS to LED hurt yield?

No. Today’s spectra and intensities make LED lamps outstanding, highly efficient replacements to HPS. That said, temperature tends to be the largest influencer on yield during swap-outs—not source of light! In greenhouses, watch your canopy temperature and adjust accordingly. For indoor grows, increase facility temperature around 10o F to account for the heat loss you’ll notice when switching to LED; then tweak as necessary.

Is tunable spectrum better?

No. It may have value in the lab when determining the best recipe for a new strain. Once determined, uniformity is critical—not variance. Keep tunable fixtures in the lab, uniform fixtures everywhere else.

Isn’t funding cannabis facility upgrades extremely expensive?

It can be. The Federal Government prohibits FDIC institutions from lending to cannabis facilities. Others apply a rate that can only be considered “loan shark.” UYS has isolated funding sources willing to invest in this segment that provide rates more in line with traditional financing. Let us show you what we can do.

How much can I save by switching over to LED?

Depending on the fixture, the answer is about 40% vs. the cost to power HPS. When you add-in eligible utility incentives and lower-cost funding rates, your monthly electric bill can be lower with new LED lights than sticking with your old, inefficient HPS fixtures.

What is the warranty on your LED fixtures?

Five years! HPS fixtures and bulbs come with no warranty, annual bulb replacements, supplemental AC costs to mitigate the heat, and over 1000W of inefficiency. Our LED fixtures come with five-year guarantees and an expected life that approaches 10!

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