Sustainability improve your building’s net operating income. 

Correlate offers a complete suite of proprietary clean energy and deployment solutions for indoor horticulture facilities.  Correlate’s tech-enabled project and financing platform provides energy optimization – fixed, below-market energy pricing –  that delivers clean energy solutions and sustainable profit growth with no upfront capital requirement.

Tap your hidden $.50 to $5.00+ per sqft. with no Capex!

How it Works!

Step 1: Discover

We combine your utility and facility data with your energy goals.  We then pair our analytics with human experts to identify areas of opportunity.

Step 2:  Design

We prioritize those opportunities and match them with your goals to create your custom energy plan.

Step 3:  Contract

We collaborate with our network of energy service providers to deliver project bids and contract-level energy pricing below prevailing market rates.

Step 4:  Fulfill

We manage all contractors and update you on project installations and milestones en route to successfully complete projects.

Step 5:  Maintain

We verify savings through ongoing utility bill analysis and present continuous energy improvement opportunities that meet your energy goals.