Ultra Yield Solutions Simplifies LED Grow Lighting Procurement

Mamaroneck, NY, January 25, 2022 – Ultra Yield Solutions (UYS) simplifies the procurement process of horticultural LED grow lighting and energy related technologies. Simplification is especially important for today’s commercial indoor growers who have lots to focus on.

Growers cannot devote the attention needed to isolate their critical lighting and ancillary PAR equipment needs. With numerous lighting manufacturers in the grow light market, it can be confusing; leading growers to be susceptible to misinformation resulting in poor decisions regarding the core element to photosynthesis – lighting.

UYS specializes in LED grow lighting and energy related services and technologies aiming to simplify the purchasing process. Thus, UYS is a powerful resource for sales, marketing, and technical consulting services as well as lighting distribution supporting growers and resellers.

One of UYS’s most powerful resources, is its partnerships. UYS is the first horticultural lighting distributor for Verjure by Acuity Brands – North America’s largest manufacturer of lighting solutions – a new line of horticultural lighting fixtures (www.acuitybrands.com/verjure). In addition to Verjure, UYS offers access to a wide selection of light sensors, controllers, lighting rebate management, financing, and other energy-related services to maximize lighting effectiveness and reduce operational costs.

“We’re a distributor that truly understands the indoor grow market, new lighting technology, the procurement process and jargon associated with this rapidly expanding segment. This makes us an ideal resource to assist new entrants as well as experienced growers in determining their lighting and energy needs,” says Chris Brown, Chairman of UYS. “Plus, our exceptional offering of installation, financing, warranty and rebate management, and control solutions make us a full-service, one-stop shop for CEA lighting and related products.”