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Lighting Rebates for Controlled Environment Agriculture Facilities 

Controlled Environment Agriculture facility using LED grow lights for lettuce. Lighting Rebates

What Are Commercial Lighting Rebates?

Commercial lighting rebates are incentives provided by utility companies, government agencies, or other organizations to encourage the use of energy-efficient lighting systems in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) operations. These rebates are designed to offset the upfront costs of purchasing and installing energy-efficient lighting systems, which can be more expensive than traditional lighting options.

For CEA facilities, the right lighting and controls are critical for plant growth. LED (light-emitting diode) lighting systems are increasingly popular in indoor agriculture because they are energy-efficient, can be customized to meet the specific needs of different crops, and integrate with controls to optimize intensity and efficiency to maximize yield. Plus, LED lighting systems use less energy than HPS & fluorescent systems, which will significantly reduce energy costs over time.

Rebates vary depending on the location, utility company, and specific lighting system being installed. Rebates may be offered as a percentage of the total cost of the lighting system, a flat dollar amount per fixture, or a combination of both. To be eligible for these rebates, indoor agriculture operations need to meet certain energy efficiency and performance standards using products approved by the rebate programs.

Indoor agriculture operations interested in pursuing commercial rebates for lighting should check with their local utility companies or government agencies to see what programs are available. OR contact Ultra Yield Solutions for a customized, full-facility solution that employs all available and applicable rebates and funding options available for their location and circumstances.

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How do CEAs apply for lighting rebates?

CEAs can apply for lighting rebates by following these general steps:

1. Check eligibility: CEAs should check with their local utility company or energy efficiency program to see if they are eligible for lighting rebates. Eligibility criteria may include the size of the farm, the type of lighting system being installed, and the level of energy savings the lighting system can achieve.

Or – let us do the work for you. Contact Ultra Yield Solutions (UYS). We get the pertinent information from you and explore all available and applicable rebates and lighting upgrade financing programs for your unique situation. 

2. Choose a qualified lighting system: CEAs should work with a lighting contractor or supplier to select a lighting system that meets the energy efficiency and performance standards required for the rebate program.

Or – just contact us – we listen to your needs, and review your facility specs and yield requirements to create a custom approach that includes maximizing rebates and financing solutions. 

3. Install the lighting system: CEAs should install the lighting system according to the manufacturer’s instructions and any local building codes and regulations.

Or – Work with us! We have relationships with installers who understand the needs of indoor growers.

4. Gather required documentation: CEAs should gather all required documentation, such as invoices, product specifications, and proof of installation, to support their rebate application.  

Or  – (by now you may have guessed it) – work with us. We manage the paperwork. This includes rebate forms, invoices, and proof of installation. 

5. Submit the rebate application: CEAs should submit rebate applications according to the instructions provided by the utility company or program. This may involve submitting the application online or by mail, along with all required documentation and follow-up. If you work with us, we take care of this step too!

Indoor growers can put their ingenuity to the task of identifying various lighting rebates, choosing & installing qualified products, and managing complicated rebate paperwork.

Or they can work with the team of experts at UYS that handle all the steps and manage the complex process of rebate qualification.* 

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*Rebate programs and funding initiatives vary by region. We are experts in finding applicable programs for your location, crops, and facility size. We will maximize all incentives for your circumstances to create a program customized for you. 

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