The most advanced IoT-based controls platform for horticulture.

With the simplicity of plug and play, GrowFlux provides everything you need to build an intelligent horticultural lighting system including wireless dimmers, wireless Access Points, control apps, and more.  Connects to any horticultural light including LED and dimmable HPS.

Plug & Play Horticulture!

Mesh Access Points

Connect up to 500 GrowFlux Mesh devices!

IP 65 waterproof enclosure aand connectors and UV resistant, our Mess Access leverages enhanced RF performance powered by a 48-MHz!

Universal Dimmer

Universal means every light

Connect up to 50 lights on one dimmer.  From there, you can use push-button controls or if you have more zones, connect through a controller.  Better yet, connect via our Mesh Access Points and downloadable app.  Now, you ‘re in full control.


Integrate with other control systems and software!

Build custom single pane of glass dashboards or integrate your lighting network with legacy automation.  Our entire platform – apps, cloud applications, Access Point and devices – is engineered to ensure operations continuity, even through connectivity loss and power failure.