Zero Upfront Cost Opportunity For California CEA Facilities To Slash Energy Costs

Rye, New York – February 13, 2023 – Ultra Yield Solutions (UYS), a horticulture lighting distributor specializing in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), offers Zero Upfront Cost financing options for three LED lighting upgrades for California indoor growers where high electricity prices continue to rise while wholesale prices continue to fall. UYS has a solution.

The UYS Zero Upfront Cost Program, customized for each CEA’s circumstances, allows growers to significantly reduce energy expenditures and improve yield without the challenges of upfront costs. Switching to LED lighting and controls results in savings that keep wholesale prices competitive and improve margins. Plus, upgrading to LED lighting makes CEA’s better neighbors as reduced electricity usage helps prevent brown-outs and reduces the facility’s carbon footprint.

UYS’s unique approach offers CEA facilities the opportunity to compare grow lighting solutions from several manufacturers to ensure technology combinations that optimize high yield and reduced energy consumption.

The UYS team includes expert lighting consultants that recommend ideal lighting for offices, warehouses, packing areas, and outdoor areas, in addition to grow lights –ensuring full-facility, maximum energy savings.


Qualified CEA facilities include those currently using high pressure sodium (HPS) and fluorescent grow lights and ready to upgrade to state-of-the-art LED lighting and controls. A partial list of factors impacting qualification for financing include:

  • Electric utility territory
  • Months in operation
  • Scale of the retrofit
  • Existing fixtures to be replaced
  • Lighting hours
  • Site address
  • Crops grown

Funding Options

Funding packages are developed by matching growers with incentives, like utility rebates in addition to financers of agricultural projects, such as the GoGreen Financing program, utility on-bill financing, and private project financial firms. The UYS Zero Upfront Cost Program is available for qualified CEA operations in California. A simple screening with a UYS expert initiates the qualification process. Growers ready to save money and control electricity costs by upgrading to LED lighting and controls should contact Andy Montgomery at by March 15, 2023.